After the deluge of self-serving unpatriotic anti-business nonsense with which it has been overwhelmed ever since, the Government is probably wishing it had never bothered consulting anyone over its keenly anticipated “Reforming the Soft Tissue Injury (‘whiplash’) Claims Process”.

Frankly, so does Bankstone News. Week after week we find ourselves obliged to report the endless bleating of one or other band of meddling would-be do-gooders. Give it a rest, will you, and just let HMG and the ABI get on with it. This week’s Moaning Minnies are Bristol-based EAT insurers ARG.

Among a catalogue of poorly timed quibbles about this or that being wrong or unfair or whatever, ARG raise the old chestnut of litigants in persons (LIPs) and argue that it’s unrealistic to expect people to ‘have the capacity, confidence or appetite to instigate claims following the trauma of an accident.’

To which the obvious answer is: if people can’t be bothered to get off their arses, learn some law and represent themselves in court, it’s not obvious that they deserve any compensation – and if they do, then it’s pretty clear they can’t be in any serious pain. Either way: undeserving!

The Poor Dears will, apparently, be confused by the Portal and find it a ‘barrier to bringing a claim’. If it was a barrier it would be called a barrier not (clue in name) a portal! Not content with that senseless quibble, ARG insist that people who don’t speak English or have a learning disability or whatever might struggle with the process.

There’s only one word for that, if you ask Bankstone News (which we wouldn’t necessarily advise, incidentally, unless you’re really desperate), and that word is political correctness gone mad. How dare ARG insult the intelligence of disadvantaged minority groups by suggesting they’re no up to pursuing their own (probably spurious) compensation claims!

ARG want to know whether HMG have done any work on finding out whether people will be able to cope with whatever hoops they end up having to jump through to make a claim. What sort of nanny state nonsense is that! If people can’t sort things out by themselves, there’s no possible justification for spending taxpayers hard earned cash on aiding and abetting them.

So, please, please, please: let’s hear no more about these intensely tedious personally injured people (PIPs) and their humdrum toils and troubles. We’ll all be better off once personal injury claims are a thing of the past and we can finally claim our long-anticipated £40 a year motor insurance rebate.


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