Bankstone managing director Deckem Tryscore (pictured below) will be busy oiling his machine next week as he gears up for Ride to Work Week, which kicks off on Monday the 19th.

Ride to Work Week is a marvellous institution,’ Tryscore enthuses. ‘So naturally, at leading professional claims handling provider Bankstone, we’re always keen to do whatever we can to support it. Which is why, in just ten days’ time, I’ll be straddling my monkey and attempting to ride non-stop from my house in Addingdale Scraggs to the Bankstone HQ in central Brighouse. If all goes well, I’ll be aiming to ride back again at the end of the day and keep that routine up all week.’

Deckem’s minions and underlings at Bankstone have loyally applauded his pledge and are now coming under intense career-related pressure to undertake something similar themselves. ‘It’s all a bit of fun, really,‘ insists Tryscore sternly, ‘but in fact there are at least five good reasons why we should all stop commuting by car and learn to #commutehappy by riding something with two wheels and a motor.’

For the benefit of any readers who suspect that claims made by people with the initials DT should be treated with a degree of skepticism, here are Deckem’s top five reasons why you should ride a bike to work, not just one week a year but all week every week.

  1. If you don’t, you’ll have to spend an average 1,708 hours sitting in your car in traffic.
  2. In purely financial terms, riding a small scooter can cost you as little as 1p per mile.
  3. You will have more ‘fun’ on a bike: there’s more to look out for along the way, PLUS the chicks love it!
  4. Yes, it can a bit hairy, but as you get better at riding a bike you’ll also be developing important ‘road safety awareness’ skills.
  5. You might finally make some friends: if you’re wearing leather or fellow bikers see your helmet, you could soon expand your circle.

If you’d like to find out even more about the surprising benefits of riding to work like the wind and not ruining the planet quite so much etc. simply click on this word and you will be magically transported to the R2WW website, where you can do just that!

Or get on twitter and search for the hashtag #commutehappy or the username @ridetoworkweek.

You might even see Deckem there!



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