It may only be early January (don’t quote us on that, but that’s what we’ve heard), but already no fewer than three whole teams have signed up for Insurance Endurance 2018 – this summer’s must-attend insurance-themed karting event.

The teams in question, Bankstone News is led to believe, are former winners Lamp, along with Planchest and Aquarium. So it’s a broadly furniture themed event so far.

But having three teams already signed up before Epiphany certainly suggests this will be a bumper year for good old IE!

There is also much excitement around the new caterers for this year’s event. With top cat-co Cherry on Top lined up to do the honours, there’s sure to be a veritable smore gas board of fabulous fare on offer. Frugiphobes will be cheered to learn that CoT don’t literally pop a cherry on top of everything they serve.

If you want to know more about all the unique features that will make IE18 quite simply different from any and all other non-unique karting events, why not click here to pop along the website where you can get up to speed with all the latest news.

One popular new feature for this year’s event will be the introduction of a strictly enforced ban on ringers.

After mildly-worded complaints from a number of participants in previous years’ events, we ultimately decided that it was simply not in keeping with the original spirit of the event to allow teams to include drivers who are campanologists.

Sorry, but you have to have some rules – otherwise it would just be anarchy (again).


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