If you want something doing, don’t bother asking the government. All they do is put things off. Brexit for example. The people have spoken. What the people said was: We want out. We want out now, and let’s see how those foreigners get on (or not!) by themselves.

And what does our so-called government do?

D – – – r – – – a – – – g it all out.

Article 50, this. Implementation period that.

When it comes to freeing ourselves from the suffocating embrace of the putrid corpse of Nazi Euro imperialism, we could learn a thing or two from sporting goods firm Nuke and their famous slogan, Just do it.

What’s worse, our government spends so much time procrastinating over Brexit, they’re too busy to do anything else.

What about whiplash reform? Insurers have made it absolutely plain that all these PI claims have got to stop. The government agreed (good start), but have done b*gger all about it ever since.

After promising to introduce sweeping whiplash reforms in October this year, the Ministry of Injustice have just announced they’re putting it back another six months til April 2019. There’s only one word to describe that kind of backsliding, and that word is bad faith! And betrayal.

Given that they haven’t even seen a draft of the promised bill yet, insurers must be feeling increasingly tense and frustrated.

It’s like that time Kelleigh Arbuckle said she’d come over to see our rabbit, but then started chatting with her friends and never turned up.

If someone says they’ll do something, you have to make them do it straight away, or else they might change their mind!


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