If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a Formula 1 driver, Bankstone News could be about to set you on the path to living that particular dream.

Because, you see, most, if not all, F1 drivers, began their careers racing what are known as karts.

Yes, yes, but what exactly is a ‘kart’, you query with touching innocence. Allow us to enlighten you.

Not to be confused with carts with a C, which tend to involve horses, malodorous agricultural cargos, and trudging joylessly along deeply furrowed rural back roads that entail creaking slogs up hill, lurching wallows down dale, and, if you’re lucky, some dull-as-ditch-water flat bits in between, karts with a K are like supercharged low-slung ride-on mowers, without the mowing bits. They’re faster than a ferret and more fun than three or four barrel-fulls of monkeys combined into one concentrated compendium of simian ludicity.

Well, on Tuesday 26 June this year (that’s right, this year, not next year, or the year after, and – obviously enough – not last year either, although there was one last year (Perhaps you were there? Shame. You really missed out there), but this very year, 2018) we’re giving you a rare and exciting opportunity to drive a kart yourself (at speed, for a really long time, and in company with other speeding kartists) and, who knows, maybe take the first step on the path to podiuming, trophy-lofting and showering in Champagne, while eager, lycra-clad lovelies… (Oh, ok. Lovelies are off, apparently).

All you need to do is click here to be whusk off to Insurance Endurance website where you can book team places for you, your friends and some people who may or may not be your friends but with whom you believe it might be advantageous to cultivate good relations in the way that only a hands-on day at the kart track can.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and don’t be the one who’s left out, again.


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