Peter Winslow, chief executive of the BGL Group is sad, reports Insurance Times. Why? Because Bob Perry, managing director of the group’s claims management business ACM ULR is moving on after 13 years.

“I’m sad to see Bob leave us after a long and illustrious career with the group,” Winslow confesses. But every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining. Brightening appreciably, Winslow continues: “we are fortunate that Martin Overton has an enviable track record in new business generation and contract management that will take…”

Hang on, you interject, who’s this Martin Overton? Why, none other than the new managing director of ACM ULR as of 31 January. Martin Overton, Martin to his friends, moves across from being business development director at BGL’s affinity business Junction. He joined Junction back in 2007, having first served time as COO at customer care and billings supplier Servista. Ser vista, of course, is Spanish for  get noticed’ ‚ which Mr Overton clearly has! BGL now plans to have another go at flogging ACM’s services to third parties, claiming it “plans to bring renewed focus to the external outsourcing potential of ACM’s model” and is “well placed to work with new partners in the industry.”

So who’s filling the business development director role now at Junction? No idea mate. What do think this is, a news service or something?


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