Who says incentivisation doesn’t work? News hounds at Insurance Times this week report reading in the Express that enterprising Edinburgh employees of Royal Bank of Scotland, the financial services organisation we all love to majority-part-own, has been selling customers the same cover twice over.

Six workers, one of them a manager, are said to have been suspended over allegations that they double-sold household insurance to around 90 customers in the hope of winning holidays and other bonuses. They are also alleged to have told customers they would be entered in a prize draw, when in fact the entry deadline had already passed.

The anonymous source quoted by the Express apparently claimed that “intense pressure” on staff to sell the products had only increased as the effects of the credit crunch took their toll on Banca Rìoghail na h-Alba, as RBS is of course universally know north of the border.

Customers were allegedly sent paperwork for a standard and a premium household policy together, leading many to sign both and get charged twice. Reports that Queen Street tailors have been hoodwinking customers into purchasing both belts and braces were unsubstantiated at the time of posting.


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