“We’ve been frustrated,” confided Zenith Insurance claims director Ian Holmes to Post Magazine this week. The source of this frustration, it transpires, is that the insurance industry has failed to tackle the growing issue of motor fraud “with any cohesion or vigour,” as he puts it damningly.

Enough, it would seem, however, is enough. Zenith has taken the bull by the horns, set up its own motor fraud team, and joined the Insurance Fraud Bureau. The company now intends “stepping up the fight against the fraudsters.” “We’re determined,” Mr Holmes told Post, echoing the resolutely split infinite that so captivated audiences of the original Star Trek series back in the 1970s, “to vigorously defend any fraudulent claim made by or against our policyholders.”

Holmes is not an unreasonable man, however. “Obviously not all cases that arouse suspicion prove to be fraudulent,” he conceded, adding: “we ensure that legitimate claims are handled speedily in the normal way. But in a recession,” he returned doggedly to his original theme, “it is likely that we will regrettably see an increase in fraudulent activity.” Fraudsters should therefore be warned, Holmes finished strongly, “that they will not find Zenith Insurance an easy target for their endeavours.”


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