Driving hazards are a bit of a theme this week. Esure’s somewhat idiosyncratic contribution to the debate is the claim that historic monuments are a major threat to road safety.

Esure claims its research shows that 66 per cent of drivers have been distracted by a famous landmark or monument while at the wheel, with 12 per cent admitting to an accident or near miss as a result of “looking at such objects.”

Top landmarks likely to catch motorists’ eyes were found to be Stonehenge, the Angel of the North and the London Eye.

If the insurer’s findings are to be taken at face value, these monuments should obviously be demolished immediately and urgent action taken to head off the erection of a giant white horse alongside the M25 in Kent.

Steps will also need to be taken to stamp out the threat posed by other top 10 distractions like Wembley Stadium, Hadrian’s Wall and the long man of Wilmington.

Mike Pickard from esure is not suggesting anything quite so radical, however: “Spotting famous landmarks has long been a fun part of road trips, but this can also lead drivers to distraction.” Motorists who wanted to look at such monuments, he said, should pull into a lay-by before using their eyes to look at such objects.

Alternatively, perhaps, giant hoardings could be erected on either side of roads with anything visually interesting alongside them. Motorists with a history of looking at things could be ordered to wear blinkers – or we could all drive in tunnels underground.


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