Using a hands-free mobile phone is more dangerous than drink driving – so claims prog-rock motor insurer A statement issued by the affirmatively named firm demands the law be changed to ban drivers under 20 from using hands-free phones.

The insurer quotes Transport Research Laboratory findings (replicated by similar studies at the University of Utah in the US) suggesting that drivers talking on either hand-held or hands-free mobile phones react 30 per cent slower than those who have been drinking, and 50 per cent slower times than sober drivers.

Figures from the University of Sydney indicate that drivers using hands-free phones are four times more likely to crash than other drivers. Yes claims that most of UK’s 33 million registered drivers now own a mobile, with 24% using them while driving.

Yes man Paul Purdy comments: “Worldwide, road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among 15-19 year olds. Extending the drink-driving laws to cover all mobile phone usage for younger drivers will help us to reduce this risk.”


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