Right now AIG needs all the positive publicity it can get. So the US insurance giant has decided to sever its sponsorship ties with notorious “soccer” underachievers Manchester United from 2010/11 onwards.

All is not lost from an Old Trafford point of view, however, as US insurance giant Aon has stepped in with a four-year deal worth £20m per season‚ almost enough to persuade Carlos Tevez to stay, if not necessarily Ronaldo.

With Fergie’s henchladies already considering the logistics of peeling off Is and Gs and sticking on Os and Ns next summer, Aon CEO Greg Case is thrilled. “Unique opportunity,” he enthuses, “leaders in respective fields, partnership, recognised brand, all about winning and excellence, partnership, play to win, benefits for both worldwide.”

Man U CEO David Gill is over the moon, describing the deal as a “significant global partnership.” Clearly a fervent admirer of Aon’s brand aesthetics he says he is delighted that the Aon logo “will adorn our shirts from the start of the 2010/11 season.” Like the many satisfied customers of thaibrides.com, he believes he has found “an exciting partner.”

Greg Case is equally transported by the ardency of new partners enjoying their first thrilling embrace, confessing himself “extremely excited about the opportunity to maximize the value of this partnership globally.”

All of which is tough on poor old AIG who face another year in bed with a partner whose romantic inclinations clearly lie elsewhere.


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