Another day another lost laptop.

Does nobody value portable information technology hardware these days? Do data protection rules count for nothing? Is there even the slightest possibility these questions will be answered in the next few throwaway paragraphs?

Currently flinching in the glare of adverse laptop-loss publicity are ATE/BTE insurers Amicus Legal, part of DAS since 2007.

Personal records on 100,000 customers were accidentally released into the wild when an unencrypted laptop belonging to a contracted consultant went missing.

Now the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has administered slapped wrists all round and made Amicus chief exec Andy Tomkins write out 100 times “We will take reasonable measures to keep personal information secure in future.”

Those familiar with Amicus’ logo, where the horizontal of a large capital A is glaringly absent, may not be altogether surprised by this latest act of carelessness.

Amicus is merely one among many, of course. The ICO is aware of 161 private sector data security breaches since November 2007‚ and many more go unreported.

No, Amicus is only in the spotlight because of the impressive number of personal records involved.

* N.B. Our legal advisers have asked us to point out that the headline of this “news” item: is ironic and not intended seriously, has been included purely for purposes of assonance and alliteration, and should not be taken as an incitement to infringe data protection regulations.

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