Motor madness is sweeping the UK. So says Not madness of the lovable lighthearted barmy-army kind, mind you, but madness of the purest, most unhinged (least hinged?), homicidal, psycopathetical variety.

Latest research commissioned by the aggregator suggests that a third more motorists are “getting behind the wheel uninsured” this year compared with last. What does this mean?

What does it mean?! It means, according to, that “Every fifth car being driven on UK roads could be uninsured.” This, at least, should make it relatively straightforward for police to apprehend the culprits.

Twenty per cent of drivers surveyed admitted driving uninsured, compared with 15 per cent in 2008. Men are worse offenders than women, or perhaps just more brazen, with 23% of males confessing compared with 16% of females. Whippersnappers were worse than wrinklies (37% of twenty-somethings confessed compared with 7% of sixty-somethings).

Moneysupermeerkat’s motor man Sweeney Steve feels let down. “How disappointing,” he sighs, “to see so many Brits have taken to the roads uninsured. It’s a worrying thought [that] every fifth car we see isn’t covered.”

With admirable concision, Sweens summarises: “The onset of recession may mean more motorists are unable to afford the cost of their insurance but, if hit by an uninsured vehicle, only motorists with a fully comprehensive policy will be covered by their insurer to pay for the car to be repaired, and even then they may face losing their no claims discount.”

The hefty penalties for driving uninsured, The Sweener reminds us, “include a £200 on-the-spot fine and six points on their licence. There’s also the possibility of the car being impounded – involving a £150 collection charge and £20 per day charged for storage.”

So driving uninsured is clearly a false economy. But what could the solution be? If only there were a website somewhere that could help uninsured motorists find affordable motor cover by comparing premiums and … oh, hang on, there is!


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