Motor premiums are soaring, so says AA Insurance. Rates, it reckons, are rising more rapidly than “at any time” since 2000.

The AA says that comprehensive cover now costs an average of £778.13, up 11.3% on last year.

The reasons for the rise according to the AA’s Simon Douglas include “fraud and higher personal injury and legal expenses claims… plus the bill footed by honest drivers for uninsured motorists involved in accidents.”

Not normally a man to say I told you so, Douglas can’t quite resist noting that “Last year I predicted that we would see premium increases of 10% or more and current evidence supports this.”

In unrelated news, the AA is also reminding UK motorists heading across The Channel that “they could face a roadside saliva drug test if they are caught not wearing a seat belt or speeding in France.”

This seems particularly invasive – and indeed perverse. Whilst perfectly happy to wear seat belts, many British drivers simply don’t feel comfortable exceeding local speed limits.


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