Oh dear, every comparison site wants to emulate the success of the compare the meerkat campaign – but nobody seems to know how. The latest lacklustre effort comes from GoCompare who have abandoned wholesome non-entities in clingy sweaters in favour of a hilarious opera-singing racial stereotype called Gio Compario – Italian for “an accomplice of Giorgio Armani” fact fans.

The first of the new ads begins with two bluff young men in the coffee bar round the corner from the ad agency’s London offices asking one another “Car insurance, eh?” “What can you do?” before a well-padded Welshman with a comedy moustache and Italian accent pops up and belts out the GoCompare song. Genius!

In a distinctly half-hearted attempt to build buzz around the campaign’s launch, GoCompare appears to have funded a legion of iPhone users in I heart Gio and Who is Gio t-shirts to fan out across central London to spell out the word GIO… on one computer screen back at the ad agency’s office.


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