have been crunching numbers like there’s no tomorrow at their top secret HQ – a giant pristine warehouse where dapper dragon Peter Jones trolley-surfs past endless shelves stacked with loo-roll branded Zurich, Admiral, Churchill etc.

The comparison site claims to have analysed one and a half million insurance quotes and come to the startling conclusion that comprehensive motor insurance is much cheaper than TPFT or third party only. It says fully comp costs £400 on average, TPFT £560 and third-party only £822.

Moneysuperman Sweeney Steve says: “This research shatters several myths. Traditionally motorists might assume a third-party only policy will be cheaper because of the reduced levels of cover, but in recent years, drivers with a more ‘risky’ profile, such as younger motorists, have opted for this cover to keep the cost of motoring down. Providers have reacted to this perceived increase in risk by driving up the cost of third-party only cover.”

Expect a massive surge in motor insurance claims costs this year, then, as all those young motoring wolves start passing themselves off as fully comp sheep.


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