There’s some unsavoury people about these days. And they’re not above flogging punters a dodgy motor or two. Oh no! They’re scouring the scrappage yards for any old rubbish with four wheels and something that looks a bit like an engine.

Esure bloke Mike Pickard reckons second hand car buyers need to do more history homework before they start peeling off notes. His firm claims 59% of slump-hit UKlanders are thinking about buying a second hand car. It doesn’t say what the other 41% are thinking about. Sex probably. Or football. Or shoes or something…

At least they’re thinking. That’s a start, isn’t it? Well maybe not, because it looks like Brit-people are not exactly gifted in the thinking department and don’t even bother to check out “whether the vehicle or the vendor has an unsavoury past.”

Get some official documentation, you muppets! Otherwise Esure are going to chuck your claim out like a hot brick. And don’t say they didn’t warn you! “People can be left disappointed” Pickard says nicely, “if an insurance claim is refused due to the vehicle information they have provided being incorrect.” E.g. probably if you say it’s one car and it’s actually two half-cars welded together or something.

Sounds like another of those false economies people are always going on about.


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