Nodding dog Churchill has been chewing over the claims form facts and this week spat out the somewhat drool-bespattered revelation that men in short-sleeved shirts (let’s call them computer engineers) make more claims than any other type of worker. Farmers file the fewest.

The Churchillian study looked at all named professions of which they had more than 1000 clients on their books and found “ a significant correlation between certain professions and the likelihood of having a car accident.”

Top-dog Tony Chilcott said: “The poorer claims experience associated with computer engineers, sales managers, chefs and doctors most likely reflects the long hours they work in a very stressful job.”

For what it’s worth, here are the two top tens in full (worst first):

1 Computer Engineer

2 Sales Manager

3 Chef

4 Student

5 Doctor

6 Estate Agent

7 Surveyor

8 Customer Advisor

9 Hairdresser

10 Social Worker

1 Farmer

2 Aircraft Fitter

3 Stores Personnel

4 Ambulance Driver

5 Laboratory Technician

6 Pilot

7 Caretaker

8 Agricultural Engineer

9 Green Keeper

10 Mechanical Engineer

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