It is Bankstone News’ sober duty to report yet more evidence just in of rocketing levels of motor claims fraud.

Ordnance Survey – the UK body charged with working out the best places from which to fire cannons – have apparently interviewed exactly 74% of the UK’s leading Insurance Fraud Investigators – no idea why – and heard that fraudulent claims are showing not the slightest sign of leveling out following last year’s record levels.

Eighty per cent of investigators believe the situation will continue to get worse. Almost half report an increase in both the volume and in the monetary value of claims made.

Meanwhile 57% have seen a rise in the number of completely bogus claims made, and 54% an increase in inflated claims.

Corresponding percentages for increased reporting of other scam types were as follows:

Serial claimants 47%
Criminal gangs targeting insurers 42%
Criminal gangs targeting insurance policy holders 35%
Lying or withholding information on application forms 33%

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