Accident Exchange’s website tells us that people report 10,000 accidents every day and that the firm’s first priority is to provide these individuals with good advice and “ensure they stay mobile.”

The insurers asked to fund all this mobility suspect the costs are sometimes over-egged.

Autofocus says its data is “the ideal tool” for assessing whether a disputed credit hire charge is reasonable.

Accident Exchange says it isn’t.

Axa’s backing Autofocus.

Accident Exchange claims 2,500 claims worth £22m may have been affected by “defective” Autofocus evidence.

Axa’s still backing Autofocus.

Chesterfield County Court has postponed Adam Glossop v Christian Salveson Logistics because of concerns raised over Autofocus evidence.

Post Magazine says “as many as seven staff may have left Autofocus following the Glossop case,” and that several have not shown up in court when called.

Its website says Autofocus always “delivers the highest levels of clarity,” but the firm wasn’t keen to tell Post how many staff have left.

Accident Exchange says it will seek the court’s leave to commence action against individual Autofocus employees for contempt of court, a charge that carries a prison sentence if proven.

AXA denies its decision to quit the GTA was based Autofocus’ spot-rate data.

What can it all mean?


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