A quarter of UK motorists deny ever having been distracted while driving.

The other three quarters may be perpetually gawping at attractive pedestrians, billboards, nice views and low-flying aircraft – but at least they’re not filthy rotten liars.

The most common distractions, according to a press release put out by the AA are attractive people in other cars, attractive pedestrians, and a “nice view”.

Men are three times more likely than women to be distracted by attractiveness (70% compared with 25%). So presumably – to keep the average distraction figures up around 75% – women must be much more distracted by scenery of the non-euphemistic variety.

“We do notice an increase in the number of minor shunts during August,” said the AA’s Douglas Simon, when “attractive members of the opposite sex are perhaps showing off a lot of their suntan!”

Such distractions, he argues, “are likely to be a factor in the accident statistics, although most people are unlikely to admit it on a claim form!”

But think before you ogle, he urges: “A collision would ruin your journey.” Did you ever consider that? “Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel,” he admonishes. Hands on the wheel? What kind of perverts does he take us for?

“Our best advice is to stop in a safe place,” he concludes, to appreciate views or “other roadside features.”

If that’s really their best advice, Bankstone News is in no great hurry to sample further specimens of the AA’s wit and wisdom.

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