The nonsense PR people come up with these days! A perennial favourite with companies in the motor sector when all other inspiration fails is “something to do with star signs.” The latest to announce the findings of its research into this fascinatingly unscientific topic is “The UK’s leading used car hypermarket” Carcraft.

Its analysis of which (second hand) cars people with different star signs bought has proved beyond doubt that flashy Aries people buy red Mazda MX5s or bright yellow Saab convertibles, Sagitarians buy 4x4s or “muscular MPVs” to accommodate their “free spirit and sense of adventure” and eccentric Aquarians by Ford Kas or Minis.

And, of course, they have the cast-iron peer-reviewed research to prove it. Possibly. Somewhere.

If only all zodiac-inspired news stories could be as well-researched and factual as Bankstone News’ report of 1 April 2009.

In the meantime we’re working on a story the press is sure to lap up about the correlation between car-owners’ long-term health problems and the vehicles they drive. Something along the lines of people with bowel disorders opt for Ford Mondeos, those with arthritis favour Micras – that sort of thing. Just sifting through the research findings now.


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