Partnering: there’s a lot of it about these days. Too much, some prudes might argue. But not Bankstone News. No, we say: it’s a free country, live and let live, whatever rocks your boat – that kind of thing.

So it was with no reaction more pronounced that a half-raised eyebrow of ironically indulgent amusement that we learned this week that Hastings has allowed itself to be partnered by none other than Helphire.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Hastings Insurance Services,” luxuriated Helphire MD Martin Ward. Now he says he is looking forward very much “to working with them to provide accident management services to their motor customers.”

Before Hastings gave its assent to the partnering in question, Helphire apparently faced stiff competition and had to beat off other potential partnerers to secure pole position. Having done so, the Bath-based outfit will be able to deploy some of its massive fleet to provide replacement vehicles for Hastings policyholders when they have non-fault accidents.

Memorably, Mr Ward told Post Magazine that he believes Helphire won their fight for the right to partner because of “the high levels of customer service that we are committed to providing and which enable both our partners and their customers to benefit from new business arrangements such as this.”

Hastings seem happy enough with the terms on which they are being partnered by Helphire. A spokesperon apparently unwilling to be named told the same leading insurance journal: “The company has demonstrated a product offering that clearly addresses the needs of our customers and is committed to adapting to the changing needs of the marketplace.”

Made in heaven, as they say.


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