Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
But here’s some news to chase away your cares
There’s a broker getting bigger
And it’s raised a pretty figure
By issuing 20 million’s worth of shares

So… always look on the Brightside of life…
[whistle and repeat]

It will all be quite amazing
‘cause the proceeds of the placing
Will be used to do extraordinary things
We’ll all feel better knowing
That the group will soon be growing
With new technolo-gy to give it wings

So… always look on the Brightside of life…
[more whistling, more repetition]

It’s sure to be a hit
When you look at it
And there’s plenty left still minus 1 mil fees
The bright prospect they’re invoking
Covers med rep, finance, broking
And enhances earnings opportuni-ties…

So …always look on the Brightside of life…
[more whistling and repetition ad nauseam]


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