Quote comparison site Gocampari.com reckon young drivers spend an average £2,455 a year insuring their cars. Does that mean they’re crazy? Probably, say Adrian Flux.

But the Fluxsters aren’t just impugning young drivers’ mental health for the hell of it. They’re here to help.

“All it takes is a bit of common sense,” claims Fluxman Gerry Bucke, and you can cut that figure in half.

So let’s have no more of this foolishness, young drivers! Not when the Fluxmen are on hand with a handpicked handful of handy hints to help you take your motor insurance costs in hand.

Step One: Choose the right car. Nothing over 1,000cc and avoid like the plague those badges saying things like Sports and GTI, warns Bucke.

Step Two: Take Pass Plus (or equivalent advanced driving course) and get yourself a discount of up to 30% – see passplus.org.uk for details.

Step Three: You kiss and hold her tight. No, wait, that’s not it…

Step Three: Join the owners’ club – virtually every make and model has one, they’re virtually free to join, and membership can qualify you for 10-15% off your premium.

Step Four: Go for a limited mileage policy – limiting yourself to, say, 5,000 miles could save you 10%.

Step Five (here’s how confident Flux are): Shop around! “Call several insurers and compare quotes,” Bucke suggests.

Step Six: Don’t put your faith in the internet, and beware of suspiciously cheap online quotes – if and when you make a claim you could find there’s a whopping excess.

Step seven: Although… opting for a higher excess is a good way of paying less each month.

Step eight: Buy a classic car – classics (which could mean something as little as 10 years old) are usually a lot cheaper to insure that standard models.

So, by the time you’ve passed Pass Plus, bought a classic Mini with an 848cc engine, joined the club, opted for a high excess, and promised not to go too far in it (mileage-wise, at least), the insurance company will probably be paying you.

And you can spend your weekends in your parents’ garage with a spanner, trying to make the bloody thing go again.


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