Enough is enough. The good people of this country are sick and tired of picking up the tab for the feckless few who flagrantly flout the law of the land. The time has come for action.

Decent hard working people are paying the price for a malingering minority of young male drivers, uninsured drivers, drink drivers, drug drivers, text drivers, pile drivers, drivers who look at billboards, scenery, attractive members of the opposite sex and so on. Irresponsible idiots, quite frankly, who add literally thousands of pounds to every bill you will ever pay.

But now the people of this this country are drawing a line in the sand (or snow depending on local conditions). They are standing tall, proclaiming loud and clear: “This far, danger drivers, this far – not one inch further!”

Raised up on the shoulders of this yeoman army of honest everyday people is Nick Starling of the Advanced Barometry Institute who took the opportunity of the Institute’s Annual Motor Conference to announce that 72% of Brits want insurers to check applicants’ licences for endorsements and criminal convictions.

How can he know this? Can he see inside our hearts to read our true desire? Maybe. Maybe not. But his specific claim to knowledge in the present instance rests on an ABI survey of 2,000 motorists, 1440 of whom demanded licence checks.

Another 1440 (72% again) also mentioned that they thought the people most likely to cause motor accidents were those who use mobiles while driving, followed by young male drivers (45%) and uninsured drivers (34%).

Starling said: ” We rely on people being honest, but those who conceal motoring offences not only push up the cost of insurance for everyone, but also run the risk of having any claim rejected. To protect honest customers, insurers are currently discussing with Government whether they would be able to check for relevant motoring convictions and endorsements.”

Godspeed you, Sir, we say. May you prevail in your endeavours and may the clearly expressed will of the Great British public be implemented without quibble.


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