Weirdly named insurance group Markerstudy has embarked on a potentially dangerous experiment. According to the firm’s website, Markerstudy plans to inject fun into the insurance industry.

The latest phase in this controversial initiative is appointing former QBE motor man Steve Stone as Nice Underwriting Manager from 1 January 2010.

As the man with the coolest name in insurance, Stone’s arrival should help to balance out the whole Markerstudy thing.

But, given that he’s a respected and experienced veteran of three decades’ QBEing, via Torch and Ensign, his propensity for contributing on the merriment front has yet to be seriously tested.

Stone’s decision to move on has, however, fuelled speculation that QBE is preparing to exit personal motor – put off perhaps by the excess of fun in the market currently.

Mr Stone – on whom the astronaut Stony Stevenson in Kurt Vonnegut’s Between Time & Timbuktu is reputed to be based – will not, however, be straying too far from his former Chelmsford base with Ensign/QBE.

He’ll be basing his team of new team of nice motor underwriters in… Chelmsford.


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