Is there no depth to which comparison sites will not sink in their quest for PR coverage? One such organisation this week claimed to have coated ‘Britain’s most dangerous street’ in bubble wrap to highlight “the need to be careful when behind the wheel.”

An accompanying photograph duly attests that some at least of Somerville Road, Worcester (highest incidence of motor insurance claims in the UK, supposedly) has indeed been draped in said packaging material. Claims for asphyxiated cats and trampled azaleas will doubtless ensue.

The insurance comparison site in question – we’re denying them the oxygen of publicity – claims somewhat complacently that their curtain of plastic creates “the ultimate safety blanket for motorists.”

Whatever the justice of this claim, residents frustrated at the obstruction of their front doors can at least relieve their stress by popping the bubbles.

One such resident, David Draper, 70, appeared a little confused. “It’s certainly quite unusual,” he observed ruminatively. “I had no idea our road was so dangerous. As long as I can get my motor home in and out, I don’t mind what they do.”

No idea the road was dangerous? Poor fool! Hopefully the whole bubble wrap thing will have put the wind right up him and he’ll now consider doing the decent thing by surrendering his licence.

Will Thomas, head of motor insurance at the stunt-happy comparison site said: “It would have been great fun to do this to every street in the UK, but sadly we ran out of bubble wrap.” Who needs a nanny state to cloak us in cotton wool when we’ve got maniacs like Thomas on the loose!

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