The so-called Tumulus Culture dominated in Europe in the wake of the Early Bronze Age Beaker and Unitice Cultures. It flourished from around 2400 to 1800 BC before giving way to the Urnfield Culture of the Late Bronze Age.

The origins of the Compensation Culture that arose in late 20th Century Britain are thought to derive from the so-called ‘Land of Free’ peoples who colonised the North American landmass between the 16th and 20th Centuries.

Whatever its origins, the Compensation Culture (CC) has been cited by leading authority AA as a key factor in the dramatic rise in car insurance premiums recorded during 2009. A voracious enthusiasm for personal injury claims has become “increasingly embedded in British culture,” AA claims.

Spurred on by television advertising saying things like “Need some cash? Sue someone,” and “Fancy a new telly? Make a claim,” the people of Britain have taken CC to their hearts.

AA has gathered evidence suggesting that the typical annual comprehensive car insurance premium rose 18.7% in 2009 to top the thousand-pound mark, the largest jump since records began.

Research firm Consumer Intelligence agrees – kind of – reckoning that the average motor premium is now £564.19, up around 20% on last year, with the biggest rise among 17-24-year-olds, whose average premiums are up 25% to £1,489.

AA Douglas Simon claimed that insurers are struggling to meet rising settlement costs and personal injury claims with dwindling reserves. “Many people seem willing,” he said, “to pursue claims for even minor injuries, such as mild whiplash pain that in the past they would not have bothered claiming for.” Cue cries of “Bring back apathy” and “Show a bit of fortitude, you pathetic specimens!”

“This is encouraged,” AA Douglas continues, “by personal injury claims lawyers whose marketing urges people to make claims, and whose costs, as well as compensation for the claim, are met by the third party insurer,” adding, he suggested, an estimated £2bn to premiums.

Maybe someone should look into this!

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