You know a newsletter’s having a quiet week when it resorts to wordplay.

But did you know that Bankstone is an anagram of Banknotes?

You did? Oh…

Or that it’s also an anagram of Ska Bonnet and A Knob Nest?

Or that Bankstone director Dickon Tysoe’s name is an anagram of Icy Don Stoke and Dickey Snoots.

His fellow director Andrew Jones works out as: Wonder Jeans, New Jeans Rod, and Needs Jar Now.

Claims Management is an anagram of: manacle magnetism, claimant games men, and maniac mental gems. Motor Claims is moral sitcom or calm or moist. Bike Claims is lime is back or I smile back, or something…

And that’s probably enough anagrams.

Bankstone News is starting to feel like Richard Stilgoe.

Never a good sign.

Proper news next week.


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