Like the illustrious Lamorak, Bors, Dagonet and Percival before him – not to mention the still more illustrious Galahad, Gawain and Lancelot – Bankstone’s own Sir Dickon of Tysoe will shortly be seated around a round table.

The table in question – rumoured to be situated in the Great Hall of Ecclesiastical Insurance’s Manchester offices – will be the scene for a so-called Power Hour hosted by insurance trade publication Insurance Age this coming Monday (15 February 2010).

Along with other luminaries of the insurance world, Dickon will be pondering the thorny question of why insurers’ claims service is so rubbish. A summary of the learned debate will be published in the March edition of Insurance Age.

Anxious to cast himself less as haughty sage and more as humble emissary, Dickon is inviting all readers of Bankstone News (yes, both of you) with questions about or views on insurers’ claims service to contact him at [email protected] and he will do his utmost to raise these points during Monday’s doubtless very powerful discussions as they unfold over the course of 60 minutes.

In an almost completely unrelated aside, he’s also offering a free case of wine to the first person who can explain to him the relevance of the photograph illustrating last week’s story about accelerator pedal malfunction.


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