While researching this week’s in-depth story on pot holes (following a protracted narcotic interlude resulting from a regrettable semantic misunderstanding on the author’s part), Bankstone News happened upon GEM’s fascinating information mine at potholes.potholes.potholesuk

Here it was that your correspondent stumbled across a most unusual and exciting literary invitation. GEM is soliciting submissions to a poetry competition, with potholes as its theme. Yes really! We know!

Doubtless, many Bankstone News readers will be eager to submit their own contributions. But to set the ball rolling, as they say, Bankstone News has penned a brief verse of its own:

I was driving along in my truck
When I had some quite awful bad luck
Saw the pothole too late
Skidded straight through a gate
Jumped out, kicked the wheel, and said how annoying!

Enter now by clicking here.

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