According to Virgin Money, five-year old cars are most likely to occasion their drivers to claim on their motor insurance.

In a feat of statistical analysis that will surely rock the motor insurance sector to its foundations, Virgin Monkey have established that, whilst ten year old cars account for just 6 per cent of claims, five-year olds (cars, remember, not drivers) are implicated in more than 9 per cent of claims.

In fact, the study clearly showed that people with older cars make more claims than people with newer cars.

“This will take some time to digest,” commented someone who’d just eaten a large meal.

Anxious not to spark panic, however, Virgin Money was quick to calm the fears of older car owners, or rather the owners of older cars.

“This is not to say that cars five years old are the most dangerous, but that they are more likely to be involved in an incident that leads to a claim being made,” clarified virgin spokesman Grant Blather.

He explained that motor claims could result from “traffic accident, breakdown or theft.”


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