The current issue of that estimable insurance organ Insurance Age takes an in-depth look at claims. Well worth reading, if you haven’t already.

It also features (did we mention this?) a round-table discussion involving Bankstone’s own Dickon Tysoe.

Edited highlights follow:

David Bonehill (Ecclesiastical): “It’s not us that define good or bad [claims] service.”

Chris Murray (Halliwells): “If you go bargain basement, you’ve got to be a bit wary.”

DB: “Service from the composites may not be so good.”

Stephen Walker (Provident): “Often a broker only gets involved when things start to go wrong.”

DB: “It’s an interesting point.”

Chris Hall (Questgates): “They are not going to send someone out on a claim.”

DB (again): “Take insurance exams.”

SW: “If I look at our claims, 90-95% will go down a particular process.”

DB: “You won’t get empathy for the customer.”

Owen Gorman (Delta Claims): “It’s about allowing people in the claims environment to do what they need to do.”

Dickon Tysoe (finally someone who’ll talk some sense): “I have experience of working in a call centre environment.”

CH: “It’s interesting.”

DB: “But do you think by doing that you create different claims handling philosophies?”

CM: “Could you include a caveat, if you want to go off-piste, as it were?”

DT: “I’m also wondering.”

CM: “I can give you a good example of that.”

CH: “Motor is the only sector where you can do that.”

Chris Barnett (Heath Lambert): “That’s an area where complaints can occur.”

DB: “There are different models for brokers as well.”

CB: “I work in corporate commercial now.”

DT: “Is it not the broker’s responsibility to make sure that business is placed in the right market that can deliver the value-added stuff when claims arise?”

DB: “Oh yes, all the time.”

CH: “Nowadays people have cars, mobile phones, Blackberries, web-based IT systems.”

DB: “You could approach the claim blindly.”

To read the full text of this fascinating discussion click here.

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