Obviously a hard-hitting no-nonsense weekly newsletter like Bankstone News doesn’t get put together without a lot of heated debate around the editorial table.

Lately this has focused on the topical topic of potholes. As in: “No more ******* stories about ******* potholes!”

“Yes, but it’s a really fascinating subject. Our readers will surely want us to look into potholes in depth.”

“No they ******* won’t. They’ve had ******* potholes up to here!

It is with some trepidation, therefore, that we bring you news of an exciting development in road-surface-erosion-visual-warning technology.

Italian students Cristina Corradini and Domenico Diego have come up with a revolutionary idea that could give both speeding motorcyclists and cash-strapped councils a heads-up (eyes-down?) when roads get holey.

Basically what’s involved is laying a layer of hi-viz yellow asphalt a couple of centimetres below the regular black stuff, so when the surface deteriorates you see the highlighter colour below.


To see how it works in detail (unless your evil employer has blocked YouTube) click here. It’s all in Italian; but then so were Dante and Puccini and Ilona Staller, and nobody seemed to mind.

Meanwhile, the Asphalt Industry Alliance is delighted to report that there are at least 1.5 million potholes on Britain’s roads currently, twice as many as a couple of years back. Total value of work: £10 billion-ish. The word bonanza somehow springs to mind.

Then once it’s all done, they can dig it all up and put some yellow stuff down.

“My God, they killed Batman!”


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