The great thing about insurance – wait don’t stop reading – is that there’s nothing much under the sun that doesn’t have an insurance angle to it one way or another. Say, for example, Bankstone News fancied taking a break from blathering on about motor insurance claims related things and directing your attention instead to a disused warehouse full of bric a brac behaving in a domino-effect like manner – nothing simpler!

American popular musicians (hope to God they’re not Canadians; can’t be bothered to Google them), OK Go have created what they believe is the world’s biggest ever Rube Goldberg machine in order to shower themselves with paint (bit like that car advertisement) but more chaotic. Click here to watch the video (do they still call them that?) on YouTube.

Where’s the insurance angle? “Made possible” by State Farm insurance, whose logo apparently features in the clip at some point – as well as in the end credit – though Bankstone News has yet to spot it. Maybe you can. Email [email protected] with the YouTube minutes:seconds reference and we’ll tell your superior officer how you’ve been spending your time.


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