60s fashion house BIBA has expressed its delight at the long-awaited introduction of motor insurance certificate delivery by interweb as of 30 April this year.

“After five years, and discussions with numerous ministers,” notes BIBA bloke Graeme Trudgill wearily, “we are delighted to see these changes.”

The environment will benefit, he says, from eliminating the need for many of the 40 million hard copy certificates printed and posted each year.” The Post Office will not

Are you ready for digital delivery?

In its official press release BIBA notes that it has “provided some Q&As for motorists regarding the new legislation.”

Bankstone News readers may like to see whether they can tell the correct answers supplied by BIBA’s expert advisers from willfully misleading answers fabricated by idle buffoons here at Bankstone News.

Note down your selections as you go along, and we’ll give you the correct answers at the end. No peeking, mind!

Q. What if I don’t have a computer, can you still send me a paper certificate?

A1. Yes, Insurance providers will still send traditional paper certificates to customers that are unable to receive them online.

A2. No, you must buy a computer, certificates printed on traditional paper will in fact be illegal once the new new legislation comes into force.

Q. Can I print one off at home and use it in my Post Office to tax my car?

A1. Yes, but the printed version must be legible.

A2. Print out any old thing and smudge it about a bit, nobody is really going to look at it very closely.

Q. When I changed my car or cancelled my policy I would always send my certificate back – how do I do that now?

A1. Your insurance broker or company will confirm what additional action is required, it is likely to require the completion of an easy to understand form, or a printed copy or your certificate to be returned.

A2. The action required will be notified to you in due course by the appropriate parties in a manner to be defined providing additional opportunities for subsequent clarification of the user-friendly procedures in question.

Q. Can I make changes to my electronic certificate myself?

A1. No, it will be an offence to make changes to it.

A2. Sure, why not, it’s actually a really convenient way to extend the scope of your cover.

Q. How will I receive it?

A1. The insurance provider will send it to your nominated email address or you will be given a password to access it from their secure website.

A2. A stork will bring it.

How did you get on?

Mostly A1s: No flies on you! A1 is the ‘right’ answer in every case.

Mostly A2s: You’re exactly the kind of person who needs BIBA’s handy Q&As.


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