The BBC has filmed Wolverhampton-based Speed Claims Ltd providing their own special brand of bespoke claims management services.

Proprietor Zeeshan Ahmad recruited a BBC undercover reporter as the at-fault party in an accident that never happened. An old Merc provided by the BBC’s undercover reporters and a second car were smashed up on Speed Claims’ premises to furnish evidence for a trumped up motor insurance claim.

“Bring the car here,” Mr Ahmad proposes on the secretly filmed sequence now posted on a BBC website, and “then we just do the job on it”. “You make the accident?” the reporter inquires, with what is no doubt artful inarticulacy. “Yeh,” confirms Mr A, laconically.

In addition to £500 from Speed Claims for admitting responsibility, “You’re going to get the value of your car,” Ahmad predicted. “And you’re going to put some personal injury in your car and that person get money as well,” he continued, noting that the going rate for personal injury is £2,000 per person.

The reporter was coached on what to say when reporting the claim and handed a helpful sketch delineating the fictitious prang – before being advised not to report it before it was supposed to be happening at 8pm that evening.

Little did Ahmad know, the whole thing was a sting involving fraud experts from RSA, who monitored the dummy insurance policy details provided by the reporter until “a claim came in from the supposed driver of the other vehicle, claiming for whiplash injuries for driver and passenger, plus car hire costs.”

No idea what it means, but the phrase bang to rights somehow comes to mind.


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