Insurer Direct Lime has delved into the very soul of the British motorist to reveal that – in his dreams – Average Brit drives a DB9.

Asked by the Fry-Merton voiced insurance provider to name their favourite ride of past quarter century, fully 10% said they’d pick the iconic Aston-Martin, making it the clear first choice.

Bankstone News readers, being persons of substance and distinction, can of course drive any car they choose. But the closest encounter most of Direct Loin’s survey respondents have had with a DB9 is probably seeing it in a Bond film or fondling its flanks by the roadside.

More realistic – doggedly so in fact – are the diehard boy racers who propelled VW’s hot hatch Golf GTI to second place in the poll, just ahead of the BMW Mini.

Dirt Line spokesperson Jennifer Thomas commented: “As a result of Britain’s heritage of motoring we love cars for a wide variety of reasons.”

How very true.


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