Bankstone staff may encounter more difficulty than usual getting into work tomorrow to begin their regular task of tallying the weekend warrior wipeouts.

Why, you ask, agog with rapt avidity? Because – according to local paper the Huddersfield Examiner (they get to the bottom of every story), angry truckers and bikers (they always mix well, don’t they – like buses and cyclists) plan slowing our local motorway (the M62) to a crawl in protest against rising fuel costs (for which, obviously, fellow road must be held accountable).

With petrol now selling at £120,000 per litre, it does make one wonder exactly why we bothered invading Iraq (twice). Perhaps it was because Saddam Hussein was a bad man and our brothers the Iraqis are better off without him. But we digress. (Don’t we always?)

Billing their little outing as “May-Hem” (technically defined as the maiming or mutilating of another person or persons), the protesters say it will give motorists a chance to vent their anger over soaring fuel costs (while moving at 5mph) (good opportunity to give the dog some exercise at least).


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