Changes in the law provide a great opportunity to get your name in the papers and flaunt your casual mastery of the relevant issues.

Peter Castle, who’s in charge of propositioning customers at Bluefin, was quick last week to share his pithy insights into the MoJ’s RTA PI reforms, which came into effect on 30 April.

“The reforms are friend and foe to insurers,” he explained to Post Magazine. “The shortening of the time period plays into the hands of insurers as it will increase the efficiency,” he said, “and reduce the legal costs.”

But the increasing of the efficiency and the reducing the legal costs will come at a price, warned Mr Castle. Insurers will now have “less time to investigate each individual claim in order to stay within the time frame.”

Cases will often be rushed now, he argues, providing an opportunity for fraudsters to abuse the system “unless stringent anti-fraud measures are put in place by insurers.”

Castle goes on to warn that “meeting the timescale will add a great deal of pressure to insurers,” because “they will need to work doubly hard to check cases and resolve them within the 15 days.”

Claims people work twice as hard? How could that be possible? “Cases will all too often be allowed to proceed,” Castle cautions, “unless counter-fraud initiatives are put in place” and “tight measures adhered to.”

The insurance industry will now need to use an eye to protect itself from a face, Castle argues: “The ever changing face of fraud will no doubt attempt to take advantage so the motor insurance industry must keep a watchful eye out.”


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