Expletively-monickered Insurance Times journalist Ellen Bennett has written a very interesting piece about how the new Government is backing the war against compensation culture (entschädigungkulturkampf). From some unaccountable reason, however, she has neglected to render her observations in poetical form. Luckily, Bankstone News is on hand to put things right:

The compensation culture is causing cost inflation
For businesses across the land
So lovely David Cameron is bringing old Lord Young on
To take the bloomin’ thing in hand
Though health and safety’s fine – when the business climate’s fine –
HMG’s concerned it costs too much
So the namby-pamby culture that feeds compensation vultures
Looks at risk of getting kicked in touch
The management of claims is (on a no-win-no-fees basis)
Getting quite beyond the joke
So where Action Jackson swept in, Lord Young has duly leapt in,
To give the thing a damned good poke
Thatcher’s Czar of privateering – though he never wore an earring –
Baron Young’ll set things back in shape
Now fat referral fees fans, will be getting on their knees and
Hoping he’ll just go away
He’s encountered stout resistance, with the CSC’s insistance:
Compensation culture? No such thing!
The claims association expressed vocal condemnation:
A waste of money, should be binned!
But Beachcroft’s Andrew Parker, Action Jackson’s ex-co-worker,
Said he welcomed David Young’s review
He offered the assurance: it’s good news for the insurers,
Though claims firms may take a different view.


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