Palindromically appellated insuring-things business Aviva claims to have spotted a sharp rise in the number of personal injury claims made against bikers.

Since 2005 – the year when Labour romped to ‘an historic’ third consecutive general election victory and then someone called Cameron literally beat off Michael Howard to become top Tory – the number of people making claims for bodily injury against motorcylists has increased by no smaller percentage than 57 out of a hundred.

Meanwhile the cost of sorting out all these claims, Aviva avers, has increased by 51%.

What could account for this mysterious rise? One possible explanation is that nobody has any money any more, so bikes routinely carry at least one pillion passenger these days.

But Aviva’s Nigel Bartram warns that: carrying extra passengers can affect the way a bike handles. “These are certainly sobering statistics,” he concludes.


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