Insurance Times reporter Celtic West warned would-be fraudsters this week that insurance claims people are busy raking over their social networking traces to catch the blighters out.

As our glorious leader Davey C so memorably suggested, too many tweets can indeed make twats out of false-claim makers.

IT reports that a ‘household-name insurer’ (quite a specialist market, that) has saved itself a quarter of a million quid thanks to the painstaking picking-over of tell-tale Twitter tracks.

Operation stagecoach

The firm found one false-accident-arranging bus driver discussing the filing of fraudulent PI claims with 22 accomplices – despite previous denials that he’d ever met any of them ever before in his entire whole life.

IT quoted Andrew Gillett, head of casualty fraud at law firm Weightmans, explaining the science of social network forensics: “With Twitter, you get a burst of information and messages. People start logging on and they can send two or three messages at once, so we are finding it more useful than Facebook. People tend to post a lot more information, and throughout the day.”

In one case, he recalled, social networking posts revealed that a woman claiming to be too ill to drive was co-driving for a Subaru rally team in her spare time.


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