“It may not happen often,” notes the website for leading motorcycle breakdown cover provider nci, “but breaking down in the middle of nowhere can be a real pain.”

As regular participants in Bankstone’s annual monkeybike tour of Yorkshire will warmly attest, breaking down in the middle of nowhere happens almost continuously during the two-day epic that is (this year, at least)… cue Thunderbirds-countdown-type voice: Monkey. Business. 20-10!

But the good folks at nci have very charitably stepped in to offer this year’s riders some brief respite from the endless of cycle of breakdown – rescue – exhilarating acceleration to speeds close to 50mph – breakdown – rescue – etc. by offering up their Harrogate HQ as one of 10 official stops along the way.

Given that nci’s main offices are located on the second floor, Bankstone’s minimotorcyclists may be obliged to make use of the lift to access ncihq for photo-opportunism etc. No more than eight at a time, please.


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