Turning up at work is always asking for trouble. But driving there’s like dicing with death. Or so claims shocking new research from insurance provider Swinton. Of twelve hundred people queried,  some 60% said they’d been pranged on their daily commute, which, in some cases, Swintonites warn, could result in an insurance claim being made.

Another activity you may now want to cross off your list is driving to the supermarket. All very convenient isn’t it – marching your trolley to your car, throwing some bags in the boot, marching said trolley back to retrieve your pound coin, etc. etc… Convenient, maybe – but also potentially lethal. Supermarket car parks are apparently the hottest of red-hot hotspots for motor vehicle collisions.

Driving your kids to school? Don’t even think about it!

Who knew driving was so dangerous?!

“Bumps and scrapes are inevitable,” claims Swinton’s Chelto Steve disturbingly. So, what can we do – aside from not driving to work, the supermarket or school? “It’s vital to have adequate car insurance to cover the repair costs,” Steve explains.

So now you know.


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