Bankstone’s is one of 25 teams already confirmed for this year’s Insurance Endurance karting event at Daytona Milton Keynes on 24 September.

The Bankstone team are crossing their fingers that a freak combination of excessive weight, the wrong kind of weather, the distractions of food consumption, and general indolence will not once again thwart their hopes of a podium place.

Having barely scraped into the top ten last year, Bankstone are now riding a wave of confident expectation eerily reminiscent of the one that bore England’s footballers all the way to a magnificent Round of 16 exit in South Africa.

The Milton Keynes Endurance event looks set to be bigger and better than ever this year, with even more teams entered than in 2009. So Bankstone will have to apply themselves in earnest this year to achieve the imperious victory their outstanding talents so obviously merit.

The six-hour kart endurance race takes place at Daytona Milton Keynes (n.b. not in Florida if you are leaving it to your personal assistant to make your travel arrangements). In addition to the endless racing round a wiggly track fringed with car tires, it also features a Formula One style Pit Stop Challenge.

To book a place one of few remaining places on the grid, please contact Lee Jackson on 0845 644 5503 or email [email protected]


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