Killer deer are running amok on Britain’s roads. Or so claims that indubitable source of all that’s fit to know (and of all Bankstone News’ decent stories) the Daily Telegraph.

Rogue ungulates are taking out 15 to 20 motorists a year, and seriously injuring a further 1,000, causing untold human misery, and costing the NHS an estimated very large sum of money.

“These attacks can no longer be tolerated,” an anonymous source told Bankstone News. “These animals are ruthless fanatics, prepared to use their own bodies as deadly weapons. It’s cull or be killed out there.”

The Telegraph estimates that deer are responsible for around 74,000 collisions a year, while “one insurer” estimates that 11,000 privately insured vehicles suffer “significant” damage in such incidents, costing £14m – with damage to commercial vehicles adding a further £17m in repair costs alone.


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