More and more car owners are opting to take out motor insurance.

That at least is the claim from shadowy alien busting agency Men In Black. However improbable its source, this is clearly good news – because you’re kind of supposed to have insurance if you’re planning on driving a motor vehicle around these days.

MIB’s investigations show there’s been a 20% drop in the number of Brits driving without insurance over the past four years. But that still leaves 1.5 million drivers eschewing its proven benefits. How do MIB know all this? Best not ask – they just know!

Good thing for uninsured drivers that MIB don’t have a licence to prosecute terrestrials – because they even know where all these insurance dodgers live – mostly in Bradford (why is it always Bradford?), Greater Manchester and Birmingham, since you ask.

Armed with this valuable knowledge insurance providers may wish to consider targeting residents of postcodes BD3, M12, B10 and B12 with marketing literature saying something like:

Attention small time criminals! Want to make an honest motor of your ride? You could qualify for our special No Insurance Bonus when you take out a policy with [insert company name]. No questions asked. Cash up front only.

OK, it’s not the greatest marketing idea ever. But it’s certainly a cut above Legal Assistance Direct who proudly differentiate themselves from non-English speakers without any legal training – with the distinctly underwhelming boast: ‘Real lawyers who speak your language.’


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