Former M15 head Eliza Manningham-Buller (EMB to her friends) has claimed that that absolutely everyone – well, quite a few people – had to pay massively more – or rather, an average of 14.2% more – for their comprehensive car insurance policies in the second quarter of this year.

She went on to claim that the decision by an entire generation of middle-aged people to add literally hundreds of children – well, one or two at least – to their insurance policies had led to their motor insurance premiums increasing more than anyone else’s.

Confused Simon Lamble blamed Switzerland’s largest city: “Zurich publicly announced in January it was looking to raise prices by up to 20% and it appears the rest of the industry has followed suit.”

Bankstone News would love to tell you what all this means but a) we’ve no idea and b) we’d probably have to kill you.


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